Mealscano is an phone app which enables users to simply upload a photo of what they are eating and receive the nutritional values of that meal.

It helps users stay in control of their diet and works with food vendors to improve nutritional information and drive custom to responsible vendors.

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Pan African Food Exchange (PAFEXE) is a blockchain powered, Pan African agri-tech platform for the entire value chain, featuring an online marketplace, networking, profiling, shared resource centre and valuable big data.

Working closely with NGO’s, Farming Organisations, Mobile Banking companies and COMESA ACTESA, we look to solve the key issues in the African agricultural value chain including access to market/finance, access to data, and transparency.

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WaiterX is an in-venue menu and ordering app, designed for casual dining restaurants. It makes ordering quicker, easier and better informed. The app allows users to access dynamic food menus with detailed meal information, as well as targeted special offers and pricing.

The app also helps restaurants reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by removing interactions which do not add value and keeping the customer better informed regarding their meal preparation times.

Advocate IT is a niche technology consultancy which supports digital-first justice systems across the world.

As digital transformation begins to make an impact on the legal sector, there is increasing need to support legal professionals with the best technology consultancy, equipment, installations, education and ongoing user support.

Advocate IT’s mission is to not only ensure continuity of service and standards as the legal profession adapt to digital transformation but, to help the legal profession realise the potential of technology to increase the quality and access to justice for all.